Manufacturing - Optimizing Global Production

Our products are locally manufactured throughout the world in order to be cost-competitive and to allow for quick response to volume fluctuations in our growing markets. Our customers around the world trust that we will meet their needs promptly and affordably. To do this we work dilligently to procure materials and parts from our global network of suppliers, providing high-quality products.

ADVICS uncompromising commitment to quality has established a quality assurance system that promotes safety throughout the design and productions of our products. Not only does ADVICS ensure the performance of the part itself but we create products with the goal to deliver optimal performance to the entire vehicle system.

ADVICS Manufacturing Ohio, Inc.

Located in Lebanon, Ohio.

Manufacturer of:
- Anti-lock Brake System
- Electronic Stability Control
- Disc Brake Caliper Assemblies

ADVICS Manufacturing Georgia, L.L.C.

Located in La Grange, Georgia.

Manufacturer of:
- Brake Pads

ADVICS Manufacturing Indiana, L.L.C.

Located in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Manufacturer of:
- Drum Brake
- Parking Brake
- Brake Pedal
- Brake Booster

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